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Q. Why did you write Gap Life?

A. When I was in college I had a friend whose parents agreed to pay for his college, but only if he studied to be a doctor. He didn’t want to be a doctor and I kept thinking about what a difficult position his parents had placed him in. I also contrasted it with my own situation where I was free to choose my own classes and study what I wanted.

In the past few years as college has become so expensive, I’ve heard a lot more stories about students being forced to take classes that their parents have decided they should. That’s a significant change in the freedom many students have had and I wanted to explore it in a novel.

I also wanted to set a story in a home of adults with developmental disabilities. I worked in such homes for ten years and learned so much from some extraordinary people.

It’s not a place that shows up often in literature, but it should. Powerful stories about courage, determination, and independence are regular occurrences and I wanted to see what would happen to Cray once Rayne helped him get a job there.

And what happened to the friend whose parents would only pay for college if he became a doctor? He didn’t graduate. He didn’t become a doctor. Instead he had to find his own path. Just like Cray does in Gap Life.

Just like we all do.

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Gap Life Book Launch
at Addendum Books
Cray's favorite foods
Three of Cray’s favorites:
Sprite, Twix, and double cheese pizza
Gap Life book launch at Addendum in St. Paul, MN
Note the graduation cap and
gown just to the left of John.
Cray’s story starts at graduation.

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