John Coy
John Coy
author • speaker • educator


Dads by John Coy and Wing Young Huie
by John Coy
photos by Wing Young Huie
Carolrhoda Books, 2020
hardcover, 32 pages

A tender look back at a child’s first steps, On Your Way is a celebration of growth, movement, and the importance of slowing down to observe life’s milestones both big and small. A mother recounts for her child “that day on the porch” when he first tried to walk. As the child totters, stumbles, and flops, young animals nearby gallop, jump, waddle, and hop. Kids will delight in the child’s progress and think of the ways they’re still learning to grow and move every single day now that they’re on their way. A perfect book for looking back at how far kids have come…and how far they’ll go.


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